Busy Hands

Still experimenting with poetry and still learning

Zipping and pouring.
Clipping and clawing.
Messaging and clapping.
Massaging and snapping.
Ripping, reeling and dealing.
Tipping, pushing and peeling.
Tickling, tinkering and fiddling.
Ticking, zippering and twiddling.
Smacking, repairing and unfolding.
Packing, creasing, hooking and holding.
Gutting, knocking, reloading and hitting.
Cutting, designing, knotting and knitting.
Rewriting, compiling, plucking and pointing.
Writing, scribbling, adjusting and anointing.
Etching, caressing, stacking, loosing and lifting.
Fetching, stirring, conjuring, shaving and sifting.
Sowing, joining, rubbing, penning, gluing and getting.
Sewing, marking, milking, putting, pegging and petting.
Tying, splicing, jotting, weaving, stencilling and hanging.
Retying praying, piercing, fumbling, grooming and banging.
Drawing, touching, unwinding, texting, clasping and crayoning.
Re-pouring, phoning, probing, throwing, battering and beckoning
Listing, copying, clenching, dialling, colouring, pulling and picking.
Relisting, juggling, typing, shading, recording, cropping and clicking.