Tamika Jayne Thomas

"Talk Is Cheap"

Hi my name is Tamika Jayne Thomas-Tuffour, I'm 40 yrs old. I love and enjoy writing poetry since I was 16 yrs old, then I posted my poetry on the old site poetry.com. I was excited to see this new website. I'm going to be writing old and new poems again after years ago. I grew up in Ruther Glen, VA…

Talk is cheap, it's not really known until there's proof. You have no answer to the unknown. Mysterious and undiscovered.
Talk is cheap, that's a good advice negativity is a way of not solving the issues of today's problems. Having a knowledge and proof is great. Making judgements cleverly is the only way to make it. Self-esteem is great that's a must. Talk is cheap, by believing through ears of the unfaithful ones.
What we all hear is not always a great thing, but just a misinterpretation of a not so good impression, that old-fashioned saying is true. We need to use our words wisely everyday to learn about the truth. Always remember "Talk Is Cheap." - Tamika Jayne Thomas

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