Moses Wungak

The Weeping Man

Sickle cell, 1st born son of the family of 6... A jnr broda nd 2 yngr sis. Diploma in Nautical sceince 4rm Maritime academy of Nigeria, Oron, Akwa-ibom state.

A gr8 novelty will thus be;
A predicted end 4rm a faulty beginning;
All his layers of setbacks, are d reaps 4rm his sows;
No cross like his wuld evr be aided;
No torment of shame will evr be rivaled;
He looks on in hopeless stance;
"His faith long dead, so no work present for action;
He stumbles nd falls, as an expert in his strides;
His laying still, only bcums a bitter xperience of an art work long damaged;
Who is to help dis fool escape his predicament?
Who understands dis language of pain, as he breathes in agony?
Who will save dis soul 4rm its rotten choice?
Or wat remedy is dere, to return back an ocean of tears."