Lindsey Craddolph

My Reality

I’m a stay at home homeschooling mother of 6 and I run my own Mary Kay business full time from home!

I’m desperate and frustrated with all that’s been done
I’m hurt and destroyed because I thought you were the one
I’ve held on and fought for what seems like a lifetime
All to just realize you never were truly mine
I was deceived and betrayed time and time again
All along confiding in you; I thought you were a friend
My feelings I’ve worked through yet again all alone
I’m no longer eagerly awaiting your arrival back home
I’ve nursed the wounds you chose to provide to me
I’m wondering if it’ll be better by just setting you free
I’ve carried this pain and the hurt deep inside
My feelings are now something I know to hide
Fearing the future; alone forever is how I feel
Guarding my heart like a fortress still trying to heal
When I look at you I’m reminded of your refusal to repair
Ive lost all hope my world is full of despair