Mahboob Hasan is a Bangladeshi poet. He is a eminent poet in his country. His first writing Language is Bangla. but some time he write in English. he has minimum 60 books on poetry, fictions, nonfictions, research on poetry. He was a journalist, now free-launcher.

By Mahboob Hasan

Love is nuclear
If you have it, then
Blooming at hell.

Once a day
It was a fairy tale,
He had a great heart
Full in the honey dew,
On way to come down street side
The sun was rising in the morning
  full of gentle music
At that time a young graceful girl
  were Coming to him.
Her eyes are very pretty and arrow-tic,
The boy fell in love without any reasons.

Later on mid-age that boy
Made a history for this planet.
Destroyed the nature and civilizations,
In the other hand
Nuclear bomb blast one fine morning on the heroism’s life line,
Nature and habitats are smashed .

That is love,
Atomic power and
Destroyer ;

Everyone have a nuclear heart.

# 06/15/2021 #