Dribble Lymestein

A primary choice

Emeriousfosphate; Glaccosibolate; Bouisinium; Dossimiumium and Fosseroum were found near the Streams of UltraLyte. The Artesians of Hasserum built a City to honor the Gods of the Cantorous People's.

49 parts per
The extraction
Of gold
So the story told
a city with roofs
of gold.
The appropriate
So each artisan
can work to create
vision a world might
Make story, and myths
Pre-defined lysts of
Performance measures
to screen standards that
either except able or aren't
Reinventory for future projects
encouragement for artesians
To be honored beyond the
value of the gold and material,
but valued for there time and
patients, this in conservation
With a value on the quality of
each price of art.

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