Lawrence S. Pertillar

Brighterized Eyes

Removing routine too familiar limits.
With this to discover,
Life lived given is meant to explore.
More of it beyond the perceived comfort,
Of safety gadgets attached to closed doors.
Already locked to watch,
Out of windows nonstop.
Blocked from whatever it is to fear outside.
Can and could remove one's fear.
And threats created to believe them near.
If more would allow themselves,
The opportunity to step away...
From reliable daily dosages of gossip.
Heard by liars who deceive and betray,
A claim to have faith.
What is it that keeps people like this,
Attempting to prove to others...
God does exist.
But restrict themselves to wicked deeds.
Limited to a routine to perform.
Without truth to welcome and fix,
The confusion and conflicts permitted.
To brighterized...
What makes their eyes dull.
As if sedated from a dieting on threats.
Controlling every footstep they make!

'What kind of life is that to live?'

'I have no idea.
I do recognize the symptoms.