Lawrence S. Pertillar

A Less Embarrasing Expense

The one main thing anyone these days can do.
Is their best to stay as alert and conscious.
And pray to remain that way.
Regardless how difficult this challenging task,
For them everyday to face.
To know,
It had not been that long ago...
When they remember running after rainbows.
Only to bump into a tree,
Disbelieving it would not move...
For fools caught up chasing delusions.

'Your head?
Bandaged as if you were in an accident.
What on Earth happened to you?'

'You won't believe this but...
I ran into a tree.'

'A tree?'


Where was this tree?'

'Across the street where I live.
Blocking a rainbow.
I could have sworn I saw,
This huge pot of gold at the end of it!'

'You know...
I would have said,
Bad Haircut Day.
That would have been more believable.
Your partner got tired of your nonsense?
And got one of those cast iron pots.
And knocked you back into reality?'

'I wish.
It would have been,
A less embarrassing expense.
Even the people at the hospital,
Asked me if I wanted to report...
A domestic violence incident.