Phil Roberts


I am 64 and loves cats, rock music, and horror fiction and poetry

Important questions do occur
To tax our worried minds,
Especially when the Leaders try
To bury them in mounds of lies.

We're told to never question lies
And never try to seek the truth,
They say some ‘facts' are beyond question
Yet offer up no proof.

They say we mustn't question ‘facts'
Because they are a given,
But the evil lies the Leaders tell
Can't easily be forgiven.

Questions should be often asked
About the sexism of Labor,
About the evil of affirmative action:
Women are unfairly given favours.

And questions must be asked too
About Liberal union-bashing,
And about the evil IR laws
The Lib-Nats keep rehashing.

Questions must be asked now
Of the evil that stalks this land,
When the Liberals become the Labor
Everything is out of hand.

When the Labor becomes the Liberals
Again questions must be asked,
It's time to bring democracy back
But oh what a titanic task.

© Copyright 2021, Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia