Teresa Whitney

Come Walk With Me.

Born and raised in Washington State as well as growing up in S. California, I now reside in Mooresville N. C. for the past 20 yrs. A wife for 30 yrs before loosing my late husband, a mother of 2 son's , grandmother of 6 children & great grandmother of 2 . College educated with an AA in Drug and…

Come, and take a walk with me,
Across the ocean blue,
There we will find much happiness,
Awaiting me, and you,

The sun will shine, and warm our souls,
While stars will shine at night,
Then we will know all along,
Everything is alright,

With coolness of the breeze,
Blowing through our hair,
Holding fast to memories,
Because we truly care,

Come,and take that walk with me,
Hold me in your arms,
Whisper gentle words of love,
Beneath the evening stars.

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