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I am a full blue-blooded gentleman
In the kingdom of Poo-Poo, land of Loo
My arrival in any solemn gathering
Is announced with a loud foghorn

Whenever I sit on my favorite armchair
Or squat on my hollow ottoman
The most lovely music rents the air
With long, short and sundry sharp blasts

The melody is variously punctuated
With a loud splash of percussions
And times when the music is too good
A stream of Pee-Pee fireworks shoot

When the loudest of the bands are over
And only silent windpipes left
I give a deep sigh of pleasure
As the last thuds of drumbeats fall

I pity the commoners in the next hall
The silent unannounced peasants
Who view my very loud proclamations
With shameful looks of consternation

The masses! Eh!