Michael A. Watkins

Pass it On.

I wrote a lot of poems on this site, glad to be back and stay tuned for mind-changing poetry.

Someone wants your kindness
a hug, a talk, a smile,
comfort them when times are hard
if only for awhile,
find your inner strength in love
the person that you are,
shine a light for all to see
a single brightest star,
Up's and Down's are part of life
getting through them is a must,
what's left behind is peace of mind
and in God we love and trust,
take the hurt and anger
and understand it's need,
give it back in love and care
to nourish others greed,
stronger than you think you are-
is more than a state of mind,
life has a way of making you see
that feelings can also be blind.

By Michael A. Watkins.

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