Kim Isabell Degutsch

Your Love my Bound

Loves poetry and art

Your love, bounty of fall, formal complaint
Little drawn me off, small show of life, or best without?
Nature of love, sceptic and complex, I want to hide.
Sweet unruly, rule you out, fair parts of down began with a understanding.

Fastness twist the mind, moved up on me, new an overwhelmed.
Simple loved, my heart had power, my soul ran out of energy
The deep blue of your voice, behold this is real, come and confirm the misery.

Equals died, a diamond full of fire, spins around your wrist
Turn it white, mix it black, subdue the harmony.
Bond or space, you are my grace.

Look you tribute, I lost my sense
No conclude, love is a ace
Race with me, press the button
Your love is my bound