Tammy Hanrahan

Angel's and Demons.

I love reading. I am a writer, photographer. I love drawing. I'm just me♡ theres no better joy then seeing people enjoying your very own words. It humbles you♡

The angel's on my shoulder
The demons on my back
Once your half way threw with it
There is no turning back
Who's to say if it's right or wrong
Or even where you'll go,
There may be nothing after this
Noone really knows
There's only so much give
Before one's soul will break
It's your life to live
But it's also yours to take
For all those judgemental twits
Who say it's a mortal sin
I will stop and simply tell them
How my life has truly been
All I want now from my life
Is to be finally set free
I dont need noone's judgement
In the end only God can judge me.

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