Phil Roberts

NAZIS 2021

I am 64 and loves cats, rock music, and horror fiction and poetry

Nazis run our lives today
Reducing all our hopes to fear,
Life was once so fine indeed
Till terror goose-stepped over here

Terrorists now run the world
And order us to live their way,
Forcing us to toe the line
Watching us through night and day.

Terror rules our every dream
Until we pray to never wake,
They say they’ll make us fit the mould
Our will is always theirs to break.

Freedom is a long-lost dream
In this land that Nazis rule,
Left-wing, right-wing, all the same
The Earth is now run by fools.

Nazis tell us what to do
Nazis tell us what to say,
Ruling us throughout the night
Ruling us throughout the day

Liberal, Labor, what's the diff
In this land where hope is gone,
Freedom fighters have given in
Thus the tyranny lives on.

Lies and secrets rule the day
Circular logic is often used,
Democracy has disappeared
As our rights are oft abused.

No-one seems to even care now
That Nazis rule our every act,
Freedom fighters are besmirched
Liberty under attack.

Liberal, Labor, Nazi Party
Nothing good ever remains,
As virtuousness is undone
Now our lives are locked in chains.

© Copyright 2021 Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia