Lawrence S. Pertillar

Vast And Massive

Vast and massive,
Is the difference between...
A mistake confessed to have made it.
Forgiven to know,
No one lives to grow without them,
To correct.
But there are those who premeditated,
How far they can go with a 'mistake.
Claimed unconscious to know it done.
Until it is brought,
Repeatedly to their attention.
Like Liars who tell their stories told to sell.
Then depending on others not to remember,
The month, day and time...
To discover every line found to find,
Created by someone with a...


Created by someone with a messed up mind.

'Much better.'

Who has done on purpose,
With a choosing to do.
Without remorse or regret.
For the attention to get.

'There are times I think you forget,
The innocent ears of our children!'

And who is protecting them,
From a fiction to delude a truth...
They have been made afraid to face.
Erased by a censorship.
To later too late to discover,
Their minds have been abused by fantasies!

Some fantasies are more beneficial,
If kept to stay that way.'

You may have a point.
Since conflict, confusion,
Corruption and chaos.
Has proven to be profitable,
For the medical industry.

'What a cynical and sarcastic thing to say.'

I know.
Honest observations to mention them,
Will often offend...
The ones protecting,
Their diminishing quality of life.
To blame this on diversity.
Or aliens.
Doing their best to reveal and uncover,
What causes destruction to go ignored!

'What are you saying?
We are an advanced society.'

Advancing towards what to enhance?
The past, the present?
Or a future truth less to delude.