Remember Mother

18 years old studying interior design.

Remember Mother?
When I used to come to you for help?
Or ask you for the simplest advice?
Remember Mother?
When I would come and tell you how my day went from the important things to the silliest?
Remember Mother?
When I told you anything and everything that consisted of my life?
Do you remember?
Yeah, well it's gone it's all gone
When U saw you listening to her attentively and you never did me
When you would judge me for my weongs rather than helping me?

You asked me, why? Why I mever talked to you like before.
Well, here is the reason why...

I'm happy I'm excited I want to talk to you about it
I do, I start telling you but then I noticed your expression
So dull so bored like you dont want any of this anymore

So I stopped. I stopped talking to you.
I started talking to these couple that I've been talking to for a long time.
They listened to me, cleaned my bleeding wound and healed my scars.

So why? Why talk to you? When I have My pen and My paper.