K.V Srikanth


Man sacrificed himself
For the sake of mankind
His life his message
Jesus Christ son of Mary and Joseph

My father was a Jewish carpenter
Spread love and tolerance amongst each other
Wanted to change the world order
Carried the Cross for every sinner

Crucified out of fear
The man shed not a tear
What they feared hed become
Hoped by crucifixion hed succumb

The man was no man
Son of god playing a man
Summoned for a mission
Unleashing terror and torture not even a distraction

Forgiveness his essence
Every word carried substance
Recording of every instance
Has helped mankind

A god to his devotees
A friend to a friend
A father to a son
A son to a father

Close your eyes and say a prayer
Say his name with faith and a tear
He will protect you at every layer
With his name on your lips
The demons surrender

With him in your life
As friend Philosopher and guide
Son of god internalized
All roles he will perform
Dont bother to categorize

The only one who will recognize
Even if you curse him and antagonize
Who else can be god but
He who had everyone in his heart

Ignore him and his deeds
He still cares for your creed
Dont have him in your heart
You can never set him apart

Your equation with him
Is of no consequence
His equation with you
Is showering love and affection

Compassion in thought
Forgiveness in the heart
Purity of the Soul
Jesus Christ's story told

God and son of god
I bow humbly before the cross
Be with me in my path
Take me with you when I depart

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