K.V Srikanth


Question of existence
Most asked question
Questioning the existence
Mans favorite past time

An in between position
A matter if convenience
Prescience or abscence of reverence
Neither present in the person

Different religions add to the confusion
Each having their own interpretation
Give a well packaged presentation
Accepted without asking any questions

If there is a creation
There has to be a Creator
Created and creation are the same
Teaches another contradictory to the former

Good deeds and bad deeds
Form the balance sheet
Does not require any analysis
Place in heaven or hell decided after you've become posthumous

The mind and body
Wrongly identified
Self enquiry needed
To realize otherwise

Karma theory
Enforced fully
Soul finding another body
Capacity decided by the karma theory

Routes to attain
The great lords grace
Cut past to the chase
Paraphrase from texts the easiest way

There is a god in heaven
God is everywhere not in any location
God is in everything
You are god possessing everything

None of this is real
Its fictional fuel
Refusal and ready for a duel
Following of any completely futile

Neutral without angle
Riddle and a puzzle
Answers to these multiple
Not to delve deep keep it simple

Different in ideology
Each a different philosophy
In conjunction apart from morality
Faith and hope only commonality

Messiahs and Saints
For every religion
There for every generation
Spreading their existence the only reason
Showing the path to Realization

Waiting for a miracle
Lifes biggest debacle
Miracle only a minisclue
Part of faith's multitude

Destiny a step brother of theology
Used as a cushion in times of complexity
God in his capacity has already
Decided the path of the journey

Law of Nature or the Order
Terms used to describe the maker
A force superior
Creates and removes the barriers

Spiritual Atheist Deist & Ietsist
More branches straddling between the theist and atheist
Leftist and Communist form another list
Religion every generations zeitgeist

State of Zen
There for every human
Practiced in succession
Contradictory to Zen

Zen is being
Eating while hungry
Drinking while thirsty
Answer for zen remains locked in Silence

Spiritual insight required
For any progress
Egoless state of being
Helps understanding
That when the time comes it will hitself

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