Gelene Beverly (PathofStars) and David Macpherson

Do Not Fear the Bells

Do Not Fear the Bells

Do not fear the bells sad ring,
The darkness is not why they sing.
And do not seek the spirits here,
Just live your life without such fear.
Do not cry for those departed,
As new angels they have started.
Hurt not for the things long past,
The current years will go by fast.
Never miss each mornings light,
Respect it ends the dark of night.
Please don't fear the bells my friend.
They signal change and not the end.

By Gelene Beverly

Can I be afraid of having no fear.
Or is it just the bells sounding near.
As the sound pierces my heart,
each note begins a resounding start.
I shall not cry at thee pen you hold,
For it signals a love forever bold.
My friend, I will not fear the bells tonight,
As i live in hope for each word you write.
Each passage moves above the past
Holding the day star to shine and last.
Do not fear the bells intone and high,
They echo within, bringing my heart to fly.

Response by David MacPherson