Brian Oliveri

Just The Right Treatment

I had written a large book of poetry that of which I have narrowed down to 175 poems.

Motions and emotions, outstretched arms
stretching bodily balance, begging alarms
ancient years, old traditional charms
anxiety smoothing out, fixing daily harms
breathing, side by side in thought
an eastern influence, that should be taught
presents, in the moment grand
beyond the ordinary experiences, expand
complicated internal interactions,
simple method reduction, by fractions
cultivating complex, attitude allude
recharged batteries, refreshingly exude
ignorance of ignore, steam blowing off more
therapy combined, advantages intertwined
focus-nerves, focus swerves
shifts and switches, the spirit fixes
ourselves, our responsibility, selfishness sells
beautifully bending, body and mind
reserving, daily exercise time
the body constellation, automatically realigned