Brian Oliveri

In The Absence Of Without

I had written a large book of poetry that of which I have narrowed down to 175 poems.

Emotionally based reactionary ripe,
the absence of problems, but still you gripe
wired with that chromosome, why?
Seeking attention, but we don't reply
easily angered snicker mood
this encounter re-engaged, to conclude
masters of the household mirror
secret silent role reversal, ever nearer
comprising complicated, never outdated
probably more so, and not overrated
fragile perceptions, his to hers untrue
most are average of a crowd, unlike a few
self deserving, self satisfying and serving
three times the population of a sex
divinely sacred, secret and complex
an instance in responding,
instances of endearing bonding
complimented plateaus of charm,
coddled comments, not to harm
we all desire, one around our arm