Brian Oliveri

Mystical State

I had written a large book of poetry that of which I have narrowed down to 175 poems.

Twist of fate, diversions of space
hesitation, chance allowing for chase
rarity, in psychic energy transfer
missed feelings connections, of a blur
right hand, write of style, transpired
nervous vitality, center attention inspired
crazy behavior, youthful game exchanges
fickle nature, your mind suddenly changes
potentially magic, ignition of touch
attraction factors, gravity falling too much
secret agent admirers, longtime progression
an under covers code, translated expression
damaged heavy heart, reactionary mistake
blinded internally, mixed emotions ache
similar to others, those chemical hooks
fever manipulation, hot headed looks
uniquely self prescribed, distance medication
alleviated, cold resistance reservation
difference of outlook, presently wondering
uplifting heat of lightening, outburst of thundering