Brian Oliveri

Our Shameful Legacy

I had written a large book of poetry that of which I have narrowed down to 175 poems.

Unethically, historical wrong ways
our constitution, built around slavery days
mistreated, the deeds not to be repeated
we'll keep you alive, but make us thrive
ankle shackle, ramshackle shacks
resistance from us, whipping their backs
roots of color, distaste’s of angers past
buried hatchets, time healing at last
records of mistakes, humanities dryer lakes
mixtures, of wrongs and rights
recipes of sour, salt and pepper fights
favorable and lucky, as some were
escaping for freedom, will power transfer
revolts and revolting, history presently taught
the color of right, and rightfully so fought
we overcame, the discriminating game
black, white, yellow separation and disdain
lapses in judgments, cast down
for no other reason, than pigments of brown
the world of class, rising up to surpass