A. Diveshni


I'm falling
In a void, which takes me to nowhere
but takes me from everywhere
Where does it go?
I don't know
I want to walk but I'm afraid of tripping
I want to run but I'm paranoid of falling
I want to reach for the stars but I can't seem to get up
Is it a figment of my imagination
Or is that a noose around my neck holding me down
I'm fine. Yes I'm lying.
It has followed me home
Why doesn't this darkness leave me
Do I really want it to?
Is it the only thing that is always with me.
What are these emotions?
They are dragging me to the bareness of despair.
The plant is wilting, the hope is dying
I'm drowning and nobody even notices.
Help me. Save me.
Where's the key,
Of these invisible chains
I want to be set free
I cannot live in this pain
I want to become happy and strong,
But why am I getting weaker?
I have to water my roots
Give it a day or two
Life will roll along
Just like a melody from a song
Because I've come to believe that
Everyone suffers in their lives,
There are many sad days
But rather than pondering on the sad days
We hope to have better days
That's what makes us live
That's what makes us dream
That's what makes us breathe
I want to breathe as well, a little freely, a little better,
A little more.
I don't want to fall
But I 'am
I'm falling

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