Stan E. Hughes

Bobcat's Bad Day

Retired public school administrator and college supervisor. Vietnam era veteran served from 1959 to 1969

A Bobcat tip toes through the brush.
He's suff'ring from a chicken rush.

"Those plumpy thighs are mighty fine
I'm gonna make some poultry mine."

He sizes up his fav'rite fowl
To the barnyard he starts to prowl.

That big watch dog just ain't around.
A tough and burly Red Bone hound.

A chicken dinner makes him drool.
But Mister Bobcat ain't no fool.

He knows Big Dog must be somewhere.
Cat sneaks around and sniffs the air.

The situation looks ... all clear.
He snatches a chicken. "Oh dear!"

Bobcat's in for a big surprise.
A rooster pecks him 'tween the eyes!

"Ouch!" That steely beak really smarts!
Here comes the Hound, and new he starts!

He growlin', barkin', and snappin'
Bobcat wonders, "Hey, what happened?"

No cut girl bobcat's gonna marry him.
He might as well be a vegetarian.