Phil Roberts


I am 64 and loves cats, rock music, and horror fiction and poetry

Fish avoid the forest
In this deadly world,
Swimming in the waters.

But even the water
Holds lethal surprises,
Carnivorous weeds.

Seaweed pounces
Shooting out lethal stalks,
Capturing passing piscine.

Underwater vines
Grab passing amphibians,
Strangling them to death.

Then devour their prey
Before retracting again,
Appearing harmless.

Crustaceans may seem safe
But vines can grab them,
Smashing them on rocks.

With their shells cracked open
Vines feed upon their white meat,
Gorging themselves.

Seabirds fly over
Looking for fish below,
Diving to make a kill.

But all too often
As the birds hit the water,
Hungry reeds grab them.

Thirsty animals
Drink at the edge of the water,
Ever watchful.

But occasionally
Seaweed manages to grab
The drinking beasts.

Squealing in terror
The animals are dragged below
Drowned then eaten.

Humans need to drink
Are careful not to fall in,
Or be grabbed by weeds.

Usually drinking at night
When the sea plants sleep,
Humans rarely caught.

On a verdant world
Deadly trees, vines, seaweed,
Are evil carnivores.

© Copyright 2021 Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia