The battle of Reading Rock - Part 08

Still experimenting with poetry and still learning

Before daybreak, I was wide awake,
so I got up well before dawn
I could not sleep, and had to peep,
outside in the early hours of morn.
All was so still, and behind the hill,
a sky full of stars so clear
the horizon met, where heaven set,
and I felt that God was near.

They have had their fun, and one by one,
the fans went upon their way
I did not know, but it was as though,
a battle had been fought that day.
With broken cars, and empty jars,
the litter was scattered around
Peace descended, the battle ended,
there was no enemy to be found.

Into my view, a large sheet blew,
across the field and wrapped around
the “Jesus” tent, so subservient,
and I picked it from the ground.
It had just blown, all on its own,
from the fortress and was a sign
of resignation, and submission,
to this awesome God of mine.