Adonis De Jesus

One More Day To Live

An aspiring poet, philosopher, life experience essayist and social scientist.

One More Day To Live

T- Minus indeterminate time of survival
Had nature divulge your soul's revival
How would you spend the last hours?
Life + Plus procrastinate long power

Human natural subscription's order
The state of being on an even plain
Our constant progressive reminder
For distant prerogative ventures gain

Pondering with amazement here today
Wondering if the ancient gods will defray
To prolong ones existence with brevity
For we've exacting limits to our longevity

Living in the fantasy dreamland of plenty
To make believe forever's not complacency
But then again dark clouds' emits rain
Only to pour and instills merciless pain

And if some of us lives to be a 100 and four
That centurion health over wealth therefore
Matters truthfully to have made peace in vain
All money cannot buy another day to sustain!

By: Ramon Jr De Jesus 3/7/15 & in process
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