Brian Oliveri

Digital Chemistry

I had written a large book of poetry that of which I have narrowed down to 175 poems.

I saw this picture of you
how I wish there were twins and two
were all just a kids at heart
you play yours and I'll play my part
here's a picture of me
in the greatest of moods you'll see
dating over a key-bored
some kind of friendship we're moving toward
it's all in our response
casual demeanor of nonchalance
we're more fun in person
single and looking it couldn't worsen
are we tight or are we loose
isn't this a date we're trying to produce
both of us still single
there's no harm for us to mingle
we hope it's not that way for long
maybe I'm Mr. Right, maybe I'm Mr. wrong
there could be a message, solution
developing a friendship, from evolution