Meshack Bwoyele Keya

You Are Sober

A blogger, writer and poetry.

It is a sick world!

You are the only one sober.


Drive carefully

If you are to drive.

Do not drink and drive.

It is not safe.

Never reason as the world

Reason only as you.

You are sober!


The other may be a rapist!

He is sick.

Or he may be conteplating suicide.

Be wary of them.

He may be a robber or drug pusher.

Look at him as such.

You are sober.


Hungry people exist.

Angry people are there too.

One is frequently on drugs.

He has no self start.

One has just had a quarrel

And seeks one to revenge with.

You are the only sober person.


One may be tired of the world.

He seeks a ticket to the grave.

There is one who lost money.

He is a grieving person.

One has been left by a partner.

He is bitter and sulky

Treat only yourself to be sober.