Meshack Bwoyele Keya

The Cry Of A Girl Child

A blogger, writer and poetry.

Not all lessons are taught by anybody

Some are taught by teachers

Teachers specialized in their sphere

Others are taught by experience

It be the best teacher

Parents are teachers experienced

Not all subjects can they teach.


Never did I know I carried a sweet

Nobody told me a sweet can bear too.

Yet a hard way I learned.

My body reacted to nature

My behind swelled somehow

Two melons appeared on my chest

They turned to be my tormentors.


Shoulders turned at my pass

I heard whistles!

Confussion erupted all round.

Some felt to touch me

Was I A doll or puppy?

It is the brushing on me I detested

I started seeing the monthly visitor


Yet somebody taught me a lesson

My sweet wasn't only for the loo

He taught me pleasure!

He taught me childbirth.

How I wish it was not this man.

He taught me my monthly visitor can abscond.

I was in the family way.

With non but my granddad!

I wept!


Girls beware

You have a candy

Nobody wants to eat

To spoil is their intend

Once in the family way

You will be discarded like used tissue

Beware of relatives

Not all treat you like a child and relative.

I wept