Meshack Bwoyele Keya

Looking For A Real Man

A blogger, writer and poetry.

Real men, who can find?
I have looked near, far and around.
Yet none seem to exist.
Real men do not show a lady his fist.
He always comes round with a flower.
He is always ready to praise and great love to shower.

Where can I find a real man?
I happen not to be a nun.
He has my desires to satisfy.
Like a queen, I need to qualify.
He has to open car doors.
He need help me wash floors.

I need security.
I need somebody to also keep me pretty.
Late at night, we watch the stars.
In problems, his shoulder should soak with my tears.
Where can a real man be found?
I am relationship bound.

He should care for our kids.
It should be without getting off the lids.
Hold my hand so tender.
Hold my waist so slender.
Let us walk in purple rain.
Let us board the love train.

The real man should take me to his home. He should calm my raging storm.
I should to him be submissive.
All his love to receive.
I need tender love.
Yet as hot as a stove.
Hold me so close.

I want my all to him to lose.
Am searching and searching..,!
Till my whole body is aching.
Where is your hide-out!
I want to dig you out.
A real man is all I need.
Come to me with speed