Derek Brandt

The Coming

Derek J. Brandt (May 15, 1992) is an undiscovered literary prowess seeking the collaboration and companionship of compatible peers.

The Coming

Format: Lyrics
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Style: Renaissance/Primitive
Chronology: #2 (May 2021)

• Verse I •

Gather ‘round, my children.
Won’t you pay your mind to me?

If I’ve shaken you,
won’t you ‘waken?
I sense an utmost urgency.

Foretold, was the coming
of a wicked generation.

Behold: The mystery of
Babylon's atrocity.

• Verse II •

Come along, my children.
Wherefore dark now,
grows the day.

At the stake
of your soul—awaken!
Or, perish as prepared the way.

Onward! Ever rising,
lay the kings in fornication.

Press forward, I implore,
forevermore from your dismay.

• Chorus •

Squand’ring thy substance
by which ye are sold.

Laund’ring thy cov’nants
by which Earth’s controlled.

“Pour, without measure,
upon those who pleasure
in treasure untold:
afflictions of old.”

• Instrumental •

• Verse III •

Fare ye well, my children;
as I yield on down and die.

You’ve mistaken if
you stray forsaken.
Thus, in vain I testify.

Foretold, was the kindling
of a righteous indignation.

Behold, upon the sky:
A wonder with thy waking eye!

• The End •

“The Coming” is the sole intellectual exertion of Derek Brandt—whom which, shall eternally retain the rights of ownership thereof.