Kira McAndrew(Shoemaker)

falling leaves

I'm from Texas born in Savannah, Georgia. I grew up in Germany half my childhood and finished school in Texas. I am a mother to 2 sons whom live in Texas. I live in San Diego, California currently. I am a zumba assistant and a painter/construction/remodeling/interior decorating, etc.

A crumbled leaf has fallen,
And where it seems to crack quietly.
Then to lay there half been broken.
To be happy, lonely.
Where the cold ruffles of the leaves,
Begins to bring in the new fall
Of the warm embrace that keeps
But never stops to make a call.
They begin to make a helpless cry,
May it come to the freezing grounds
That makes a dreadful lie.
Soon to hear that awful sound.
Will they break before they drop,
The trees will soon be bare
And then be able to stop
This empty space beyond despair.