Phil Roberts


I am 64 and loves cats, rock music, and horror fiction and poetry

Big Brother is watching over you
All through your working day,
You’re not allowed to think or move
And be careful of what you say.

In offices around Australia
Big Brother is firmly in control,
He watches all that’s said and done
To see we’re doing just as we’re told.

He wants us to adhere to moors
Of what he calls, “acceptable behaviour”,
An electronic demon watches our every move
While pretending to be a saviour.

The ALP is moving fast
To bring legislation in,
But not to block the spies out
But to legalise their spying.

So Big Brother’s watching over us
His minions are everywhere,
So we have to even watch our thoughts
And have to live in fear.

© Copyright 2021, Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia