Michael A. Watkins

No Covid.

I wrote a lot of poems on this site, glad to be back and stay tuned for mind-changing poetry.

A single breath, A simple touch
could change the way we live,
wear your mask and wash your hands
if that's all that you can give,
50 states and all the world
will bend but never break,
the unity we show today
will tell how strong our faith,
mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers-
we all have taken a loss,
this virus knows no religion or race
it only knows it's cost,
I wasn't allowed to hold your hand
or be there by your side,
over a million people share my pain-
while twice as many cried,
God if you can hear my prayer
I only ask you this-
we never got to say goodbye
so give her my Hug and Kiss.

By. Michael A Watkins

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