Teresa Whitney


Born and raised in Washington State as well as growing up in S. California, I now reside in Mooresville N. C. for the past 20 yrs. A wife for 30 yrs before loosing my late husband, a mother of 2 son's , grandmother of 6 children & great grandmother of 2 . College educated with an AA in Drug and…

I have never made a fortune,
Yet it is never too late,
Even if I do not worry,
I must still wait,

As I travel far away,
My seed's I must sew,
If drinking from this cup,
My cup hatch over flowed,

I have not many riches,
And life it can be tough,
I know who truly loves me,
It makes me rich enough,

Grateful for my blessings,
Many have been bestowed,
When you came along my dear,
And helped me with the load,

I pray for strength, and courage,
When life becomes so rough,
No need to ask for more,
With you I have enough,

I shall never be too busy,
Nor unable to bear these load's,
For life is full of wonder's,
Traveling across the roads.

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