Amy Mordis

Please Help Me Eat

I am going to school to become a doctor. I love to write poetry

I saw a girl at the end of my street
she was pregnant and dirty
her sign said "Please help me eat"
on any other day
I would have walked right in my door
but on this day
I felt a little more
I walked on by the place I called home
I felt compassion for this girl who stood alone
I asked her her name
But the girl didn't speak
She just held up her sign that said
"Please help me eat"
I took her hand
Brushed hair from her face
We walked to my car
There was no time to waste
As we sat in the diner
 I watched her eat
I looked her over
No shoes on her feet
she spoke not a word
I felt my heartbreak
That night in my bed
 I lie wide awake
I took her to a shelter
One I hold very dear
The one that I grew up in
The one that led me here
Four years have passed
 I wonder where she's gone
Until I turn on the tv
And my favorite show was on
They talked about a judge on a high profile case
I didn't know the name
But id never forget that face
At the end of the show
It said addiction is hard to beat
she held a sign that read
"If you're hungry, please call me, I'll help you eat"