Bow Down

Dreaming of a better life
Overthinking is what keeps me up most nights
My hopes used to fly as high as kites
Until my anxiety came in like a tornado
It felt like everyone was watching me crash and burn
Like it was some sort of trade show
I used to ask god what I did to deserve this
I guess life’s just a bitch
Sometimes we don’t get to know the answers
That sucked for me because I was raised to be a planner
I wasn’t someone who just went with the flow
But I’m learnings to grow
I’m hoping all my hard work shows
I m a fighter and that’s something you already know
Sometimes I just gotta take all my pain wrap it up in a box and seal it with a bow
No longer will I allow myself to drown
I’m a queen and I’m coming to get my crown
So bitches be ready to bow down