Clara Case ( Deen )


I was with for many years then they closed, next I was with Starlite for many more years and they closed I'm so glad you are back please don't close

A beautiful Robin

I was working in the yard planting
Pretty flowers. Some begonias and
Petunias too. I love spring of the
year when all the beauty God has
Bestowed on me and you.

I was very tired at the end of
The day I rested then for the rest of
The day. Yesterday I heard a
Robins song and I was working on
On the lawn, I stopped and looked
Up at him so beautiful two-toned
Red, black just a sprinkle of
Yellow too.

It is totally amazing what God
has done for you and me he has
Giving us Sunshine, and rain he
Has given us dew to moist the
Lawn. And snow to do the same.

June 1, 2021
Author Clara Case ( Deen )