Made the sight to burn. ( Lyrical Poem ).

For writing this poem, I have got inspiration from manner less people, Though I can't teach them, but decided to write in this subject. First half was written and the rest half took long time. I am happy to do something in this way and show a path this way.

O' Fairer of fair lady,
You made the sight to burn.........

Every ring, every corner,
There is magic of your action,
Just keep on looking,
The magic of your form,

The murderer of childlessness,
You made the sight to burn.......
'O' Fairer of fair lady...........

Fairy tales just like you,
Something like a bird in you,
Like a beautiful butterfly,
Twinkling like a firefly,

The murderer of childlessness
You made the sight to burn...........
'O' Fairer of fair lady..........