Michael A. Watkins

If kindness was the key.

I wrote a lot of poems on this site, glad to be back and stay tuned for mind-changing poetry.

The world can be a better place
if kindness was the key,
fill a heart with love and joy
and watch and you will see,
share a smile with passer's by
and look how they react,
what you give is what you get-
trust me, that's a fact,
people sacrifice themselves-
to put a stranger first,
a first responder, a paramedic-
a doctor or a nurse,
tornadoes, floods or coronavirus-
they keep the world in fear,
across this land, hand in hand
from our balconies we did cheer,
together we will overcome
it starts with you and me,
the world can be a better place-
if kindness was the key.

  By. Michael Watkins

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