William Goresko

My Tears Form Rivers (1/13/88)

William Goresko was an avid landscape photographer, a lover of backpacking and the outdoors, a voracious reader of classical literature and ardent fan of classical music as well as 60s rock and folk music. He also loved cooking and watching Sixers basketball games. He was a floor sander by trade. I…

My tears form rivers
That flood their banks
On their winding journey
To the sea. My grief
Is so bountiful it fills
The fields with blades
Of tall grass in which
I lose myself. My pain
Is that of the prisoner
Who has been lashed
And deeply scarred. Yet
In the depths of my being
I know that all this will
Pass like the winter storms
Leaving me born anew,
Soaring like the clouds
Across the clear spring sky.

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