Eva Joy Blevins

Lost my mind

Eva Blevins was born to Victoria Kathleen Weehunt and Glenn Weldon Jennings Jr. On June 27, 1988 in Paramount California. The youngest of 14 children, Eva often found herself singing or writing to clear her mind of any feelings. Poetry helped her conquer fears of tests, depression, anxiety, and eveā€¦

"You look at me as though I've lost my mind, I've lost a part of my heart.
He was the one man who loved me through my good and bad from the very start.
He didn't see my wrongs he'd say that I was right.
And even when I didn't deserve it, he'd always kiss me goodnight.
He wasn't just a man he was my DAD
The one and only dad and the best I could have had.
It hurts to know I'll no longer get to see his face
Hear his laugh, be in his grace
It hurts to know my kids will never see grandpa again
He will never be here to watch his favorite team win
It bothers me that there's so much I didn't let him know
And that at 26 years old, I had to let my daddy go.
You act like I should be over it, I should be fine
I didn't just lose a friend I lost a what was always mine!
I was his youngest child, I didn't get to spend as much time with my dad
As all of my other siblings have had.
I feel like I let him down and wonder if he was ever proud of who I became
When my daddy left, the world could never be the same" I love you daddy fly high.

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