Eva Joy Blevins

Knocked upon your door

Eva Blevins was born to Victoria Kathleen Weehunt and Glenn Weldon Jennings Jr. On June 27, 1988 in Paramount California. The youngest of 14 children, Eva often found herself singing or writing to clear her mind of any feelings. Poetry helped her conquer fears of tests, depression, anxiety, and eveā€¦

Where are you? I knocked upon your door.
I hollered your name, you don't answer anymore.
Where have you gone?
Did you up and move on?
Dad? Your clothes, they lay perfect in the same spot,
Your beds gone cold, your coffee no longer hot.
Your TV still on your cigarette no longer lit,
Realization took a hard hit.
What is it like where you are?
Do you look down at us from a far?
Are you proud of who were becoming?
The pains numbing.
I go over our last conversation over and over again
And the pain starts sinking in
Watched you lay in bed for a week
Opened your eyes and spoke when they said you'd never speak
Held tight to a cross and a picture of your grand kid while clinging for dear life
Surrounded by your loved ones with such strife
Dad I still don't understand why you had to go
But I'll see you soon if not today than one of my tomorrows
I'll love you with each day that I breath with each second my heart is blessed to beat
Your the most amazing angel I ever got to meet

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