Eva Joy Blevins

Knock on heavens door

Eva Blevins was born to Victoria Kathleen Weehunt and Glenn Weldon Jennings Jr. On June 27, 1988 in Paramount California. The youngest of 14 children, Eva often found herself singing or writing to clear her mind of any feelings. Poetry helped her conquer fears of tests, depression, anxiety, and eveā€¦

I held your heart before we even met
Gave me a name you'd never forget
Calmed my fears
And wiped my tears
I was your baby
You were my daddy
Not a day came you didn't care
But the day came when you were no longer here
In body and mind, but your spirit lives on
Though you aren't here, doesn't mean your gone
Daddy you'll always hold a special place in my heart
Though we aren't by each other, we are never apart
I'll keep your memories with me for as long as I live on earth
The loss of you, came with your new birth
You grew angel wings and a new life up above
A guardian angel looking down at us with nothing but love.
Rest in paradise daddy until I can hold your hand once more
I know you'll be waiting when I Knock on Heavens Door.

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