Eva Joy Blevins

I miss you

Eva Blevins was born to Victoria Kathleen Weehunt and Glenn Weldon Jennings Jr. On June 27, 1988 in Paramount California. The youngest of 14 children, Eva often found herself singing or writing to clear her mind of any feelings. Poetry helped her conquer fears of tests, depression, anxiety, and eveā€¦

I miss you,
Not you now but the real you,
The sober and clean you whose love was true
I miss your kisses and cuddles and warm embrace
I miss falling in love when I'd see your face
I miss missing you while i was away
I miss the feeling of thinking that you'd always stay
I miss the dad you were
I miss the love you'd show my daughter
I miss the laughter and the smiles
I miss walking for miles
I miss your voice and your calming nature
I miss the you, before the alcoholic rager
I miss the man I fell in love with, i miss the man I met
I miss you, but not the you I wish I could forget

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