Who denies to increase your love. ( Lyrical Poem ).

For writing this poem, I have got inspiration from manner less people, Though I can't teach them, but decided to write in this subject. First half was written and the rest half took long time. I am happy to do something in this way and show a path this way.

If you increase your love,
Who Denies,
If you offer your lips,
Who Denies.........

The heart is completely wounded,
The whole body too is injured,
The soul is hungry and thirsty,
Peel me with your lovely beauty,
Who Denise..........
If you increase your love,
Who Denies...........

Breath goes on a little intermittent,
Heart blends on a little imminent,
Eyes spell binding, heart beats,
If you offer yourself in my life,
Who denies.........
If you increase your love,
Who denies