K.V Srikanth


Looking to duplicate
Personalities alternate
Entire life dedicate
Personality to integrate

Intellect and achievement
Rated high and respected
Succeeded where you failed
On a higher pedestal placed

Leads to a disorder
You become your own reporter
Narrating events like a news reader
Reality is you want them to underwrite your behavior

Seeking ratification
Under the assumption
Of their ability to function
Cause of all the confusion

This is the very foundation
Where acts and thoughts become dependent
On their ratification
Thinking it's the final Solution

Dependency is a disease
Where you are at ease
Responsibility lies with these
Who make your decision making process a breeze

Every major or minor decision
Calling for their attention
Forcing them into a conclusion
Strengthening the equation

Emotional dependence
Two sides of the same weapon
You can never fathom
Life without their wisdom

Without your knowledge
Comes the whole package
Lived life under their tutelage
Own life unable to manage

When not on the same page
You earn their displeasure and rage
When and where did all this oringinate
The day you started becoming their baggage

Updating and hoping
They approve your actions
Laying out future desires
Expecting like minded answers

Asking for advice
Yearning for guidance
Learning a life'llesson
Can be forgiven

Stage of conclusion
Because of your dependence
End up a nuisance
Affecting their existence
Your presence no more a pleasant experience

Unpardonable the act
To keep your life in track
Using ploys to attract
Their time spent in you intact

An addiction by definition
Without any consideration
Operating under the notion
Your lifes quest their only option

Time and Privacy respected
Best way to stay endeared
Time and privacy hindered
Perfect reason to be cornered

Their time taken for granted
The mistake committed
Too late to realise
Your mistake already transcended

A baggage not worth to carry
Your life they need not worry
Get your life in order
Either way it doesn't matter

As with any addiction
Answer lies in detoxification
Celebrate your uniqueness
Learn to live with the consequence

Looking to be funded
Seems like life has ended
Financial dependence paves
For Relationships decadance

Even bread and butter
If unable to muster
Seeking outside a blunder
Die it doesn't matter

Hobbies and collections
Seasonal and flippant
Want to possess them
Bad luck live without them

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